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"...well, just terrific reaction to you after you left... the chief photographer, graphics guy and cameraman were amazed, saying "is she this good just coming in off the street?" I told him you'd had some on camera experience... everybody who saw the taping talked about how good you were and you WERE! Those kinds of lines I wrote aren't at all the easiest things to deliver- but you committed to it, you have got the ability and you were amazing...still more aftershocks to your visit...our chief photograper and another cameraman came up to me in the newsroom saying, 'okay, who was she!?..."
--Jim Watkins, CW11 News Anchor

"My biggest note to Plum on our session is that they should be using you as much as possible! You have a wonderful on-screen presence: warm, relaxed, welcoming. You're a pleasure to watch!"
--Frances Cole

"I’ve got the wonderfully talented and smart (and beautiful) Alison Chace who graciously does some on-air coverage for us to be the spokesperson on the podium with you. She can speak to the drivers, or whatever you want her to really do. She is terrific at this and I know you will enjoy working with her. She will also need to interview you to get an overview of the event, why it is done, for how long it’s been going on, etc."
--Tracy Mitchell, General Manager, Plum TV

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