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Credits: Alison's Interesting Past Jobs

Alison's Interesting Past Jobs

Sprint- door to door business sales. The UCLA career center had come a callin' and we fresh faced graduates came comin'. Who knew all that door-slamming that came with the job, would prepare me for all the rejection of acting? I did this for almost 5 years and won all sorts of sales contests.

Conde Nast- Ad Sales for Conde Net, one of the first on-line content sites. The Conde Nast Office happened to be right next door to my Sprint office on Madison Avenue. Everyday I noticed glamorous girls getting in and out of limos, and thought "Why not me?"
I finally walked in and got a myself a new job.

IVillage-Ad Sales. Met internet pioneer Candice Carpenter and became the Tenth employee hired at iVillage; 1 of 3 in Advertising department. We pioneered and successfully sold the concept of online sponsorship to blue-chip companies including MGM, Starbucks, Nissan, Toyota, Nissan, Microsoft, Proctor and Gamble, IBM, Fisher-Price, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Novartis, UPS, PBS, Chase Bank and Sony. iVillage went on to become the largest women's online network!

Wife- got hitched to a college boyfriend, and went part-time at iVillage. Went back to acting school in the Big Apple to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming the next Carol Burnett. Studied solidly for 2 years, got a great agent and started auditioning frequently.

Mommy- had 2 adorable little boys 20 months apart and became a full-time Mommy and a part-time actress. Finn is now 11 and Callum is 9.

On-line Publisher- founded, created and hosted a website devoted to women searching for more gratifying relationships titled "Wake Up To A Break-Up" coupling my acting talents and my past on-line experience.

Single Mom- yep, me too. And still working consistently as an actress, Host and Voice-over talent. Would love a role on a series...

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