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Press: Southampton East--Sep 7, 2006

Southampton East--Sep 7, 2006

Alison Chace tours the Hamptons for her Hamptons Lifestyles DVDs. BELL SOTO
Alison Chace tours the Hamptons for her Hamptons Lifestyles DVDs. BELL SOTO
Sep 07, 2006

Visit the Hamptons from Your Home

Southampton East; :Sep 7, 2006; :Business; : A17

By Jennifer Davis

The secrets of life in the Hamptons will be making their way into the homes of people everywhere with the release of a set of DVDs entitled “Hamptons Lifestyles.”

Alison Chace, a part-time Southampton and Quogue resident, is currently filming a series that will cover everything from how a Hamptonite prepares for a party to fun places to take children in the area.

Ms. Chace, the host of Plum TV’s “No Place Like Home,” said she decided to launch “Hamptons Lifestyles” after coming to a crossroads in her life when her two sons began school.

“Many women in their 30s ask themselves, What should I do when the children are in school all day?” she said last week in a phone interview from her Manhattan home. “What’s next, another baby, charity work, learn to pole dance?” Ms. Chase decided to concentrate, once again, on her television career. Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, she had dreams of becoming an actress. These aspirations led her to the University of California at Los Angeles, but because her father was footing the bill, she decided to major in English instead of theater, she said.

Eight years and two children later, Ms. Chace decided to pursue her dreams and go to acting school in Manhattan.

“I’ve done a lot of corporate training videos,” she said. Teaching doctors how to cure foot fungus may have been a somewhat far cry from her dreams of a great acting career, but it was a start.

Ms. Chace has also been featured in a number of television commercials. Most memorable may be the Herbal Essence shampoo commercial in which she washes her hair in an airplane bathroom and leaves with a memorable, “yes, yes, YES!”

Today, while in the Hamptons, Ms. Chace spends her time touring East End properties sharing them with viewers on “No Place Like Home.” She has also recently started her own production company, Alison Chace Productions.

As her knowledge of the Hamptons grows, Ms. Chace said she is looking to share the secrets of the elite life in the Hamptons with people everywhere.

Ms. Chace said she was blown away when she was first introduced to life in the Hamptons. Now, her series will let her share that awe with people everywhere. The “Hamptons Lifestyle” DVDs will not only be a peek into the lives of the rich and famous, but also a guide to activities in the area.

The first video, to be released next summer, will take a closer look at what goes into planning a party in the Hamptons. The episode will include snippets and interviews with Hamptons hostesses and a sneak peek at the 30 minutes before the first guest arrives. The second video slated to be released has yet to be named, but will feature a series of places to take children once school has let out. While trying to appeal to parents and children alike, incentives for both children and parents, such as bringing kids to a local farm to see animals, but also being able to pick up fresh produce for dinner while there are included on the DVDs.

The shooting for the first two DVDs is in progress and Ms. Chace said she is considering topics for future episodes, such as shopping on the East End, nightlife and sporting events.

“I chose this because it has a lot of legs to it,” she said, explaining that she think the project has endless opportunities.

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