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Press: Alison in Hamptons Magazine

Alison in Hamptons Magazine

Alison Print Hampton
Alison Print Hampton
Sep 12, 2008

ALISON CHACE HAS BEEN COMING TO THE HAMPTONS since the early nineties—first as a single gal fresh out of UCLA, then later as half of a high-spirited couple throwing memorable parties on Gin Lane in Southampton, where she and husband Chris Brown live with their two sons. The Plum TV host is a study in contrasts: girl-next-door and savvy entrepreneur; commercial actress and self-depracating "beauty queen"; low key and social.

Today Chace. also known to her friends as Alison Brown, who's appeared in numerous television commercials—most recently a new Electrolux oven as with Kelly Ripa—is turning up the heat on her own creative pursuits. In anticipation of the film release of He's Just No That Into You, starring Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck, Chace is joining the growing number of female Web personalities witha new info-tainment Web series called Wake Up to a Break Up. Her newly launched Wake Up webisodes target single 18-to-39-year-old women searching for answers, companionship, and just some good old-fashioned female quality time spent away from romance gone wrong.

Wake Up's content includes advice from relationship experts and writers, including Dr. John Jacobs, author of All You Need Is Love and Other Lies About Marriage; Julia Allison, TIme Out New York's relationship expert; Elle magazine's advice columnist, E. Jean Carroll; and Jeff Mac, author of the forthcoming book and website Manslations.com We sat down with Chace to talk about the business of being brokenhearted.

HAMPTONS: Why should women tune into Wake Up to a Break Up?
ALISON CHACE: Our new show is the perfect mix of advice and entertainment. When girls go through a bad breakup, they want to do two things: one, talk it out with a best girlfriend or even a therapist, and two, curl up with a trashy book or magazine, climb into a massage chair, or swipe their credit card. We allow them to do all of this, and bring it to them where they want their media fix today—and that' increasingly online.

H: What inspired you to take on the "cause"?
AC: When I was launching the show, I landed on the Wake Up theme, which I hope to extend into more series and even a larger brand. The relationship piece was very clear to me. Most women love to talk about their connections—and disconnections—with others.

H: What's your favorite breakup song?
AC: Impossible to answer! Music plays a huge part in breakups; it's as if every song speaks directly to you. My top three: "Irreplaceable" by Beyoncé. "I Try" by Macy Gray, and "Goodbye to You" by Patty Smyth.

H: Is their a particluar message you're hoping to get across to young women?
AC: Be assertive about discovering yourself, and about your own needs, without letting self-exploration become your raison d'etre, or taking yourself too seriously. Also, it's all aboout the courage to believe in yourself, despite being rejected.

H: Which movie breakup stands out most in your head, and why?
AC: There's tons of lighthearted fare, which I love, but I usually go for the heavy artillery for a good cry. The Way We Were requires some serious tissues.

H: What advice do you have for celebs who've gone through public breakups, like Christie Brinkley and Drew Barrymore?
AC: I don't pretend to have the answers. Half the time I don;t even know the questions! What I do know is that all realtionships—no matter what kind—have peaks and valleys. Climbing out of those valleys takes a coordinated and committed effort that is sometimes beyond our capacity. That's what makes love so complex, and so enormously rewarding. Although the girls onmy show would probably put it a little more succintly: "Ya gotta get over!"

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